Highlight Show 003 | Recorded in Studio

Recorded: Monday, October 21, 2002

This week, we present our first ever “all composers” highlights show. This special edition of From the Top features some of the best original music heard on the program, written and performed by kids, including a gorgeous suite of pieces for winds and cello by a teenager who was inspired by a Seattle rainstorm and a thrillingly “diabolic” piece written by a 13-year-old pianist. You’ll also meet a 17-year-old bassoonist who writes highly complex chamber music just to impress his girlfriend.

Performers and Repertoire:

Composer and pianist Sebastian Chang, 12, from Trebuco Canyon, CA, and violinist Stephan Jackiw, 15, from Boston, MA, perform Moonlight Masquerade for Violin and Piano by Sebastian Chang  

Members of New England Conservatory's Prep Division (flutist Michael Gordon, 18, from North Scituate, RI; oboist Lauren Kruskal, 17, from Dover, MA; clarinetist Rebecca Doggett, 15, from Brookline, MA; bass clarinetist Desmond Park, 17, from Natick, MA; and cellist Gina Tsai, 16, from Andover, MA) perform Shades of Rain by Josh Deutsch, 18, from Seattle WA  

The Zephyr Wind Trio (bassoonist Brad Balliet, 17, from Westboro, MA; clarinetist Juliet Grabowski, 17, from Andover, MA; and flutist Rose Grabowski, 15, from Andover, MA) performs "Mitosis" by Brad Balliet 

The New England Conservatory Preparatory School Quartet (violinists Heather Wittels and Ashley Liberty; cellist Clara Kennedy; and violist Catherine McCurry) ages 17-18, from the Boston area, performs String Quartet No. 1, 1st mvt. by John Harbison  

Pianist Robert Tsai, 11, from Millington, NJ, performs Sonata in A by Robert Tsai  

Harpist and composer Rachel Brandwein, 17, from Fairway, KS, performs “Alice May” by Rachel Brandwein 

Pianist and Composer Sebastian Chang, 13, of Trabuco Canyon, CA, performs Diabolic Dialogues, Op. 8 by Sebastian Chang